Halloween Special (Patch V13)

Hello, Evolved community.

The Ragnarok Event has ended, with the help of our community Evolved PW has prevented Judgment day...for now.

It's time to celebrate! Happy Halloween to all of our members, we have prepared an awesome patch with a lot of new content and a lot of unique features. Of course there are new Theme related (Event ONLY) Custom Weapon fashions, Custom Genies, Custom Pets and MUCH more!


For more information, please click on the Patch Notes: Halloween Patch (V13)

We hope you are enjoying our server, feel free to invite your friends and guilds, as you know the saying says:"the more the merrier!".

Discord link: Discord - Evolved PW International (x2)


Server Status

  • EXP 2x
  • Drop 2x
  • SP 2x
  • Gold 2x
  • Quest EXP 2x
  • Quest SP 2x
  • Quest Gold 2x

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