Patch V10

Patch V10

Missing NPCs:

  • None


Quality of Life changes:

  • Gold Guardian/Spirit, Platinum Guardian/Spirit, Amethyst Guardian/Spirit and Ruby Guardian/Spirit Charms were placed into Boxes on all obtainable places (Boutiques/Assistant Wang Tsai) so now you can stack them up - More inventory space ( - Player suggestion - )
  • Reduced crafting time on all important Forges



  • Fixed Barb skill "Violent Triumph" Description to display correctly.



  • None


Other Changes:

  •  Added "Trivia Event" will spawn at: 18:00 PM - 20:00 PM (Server time) Answering the Questions properly will get you and your Squad buffed with various buffs Coordinations of NPCs spawning:
    • 130, 861 
    • 524, 651
    • 556, 626
  • Disabled Ragnarok Event (Has ended now, hope you had fun!)
  • Battle Pets (Purchased from NOW) are sellable
  • Minor fixes on the serverside

Server Status

  • EXP 2x
  • Drop 2x
  • SP 2x
  • Gold 2x
  • Quest EXP 2x
  • Quest SP 2x
  • Quest Gold 2x

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